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Introduction to parasitic inductors

Postare su dicembre 6, 2022
Parasitic inductance refers to the inductance parasitic on the PCB wiring or other components of the circuit board. Generally speaking, there will be a parasitic inductance where there is a wire, such as the copper wire on PCB, through the hole, even the bonding wire inside the chip will have a certain amount of parasitic inductance, the inductance of these parasitic inductors is generally from a few nH to dozens of nH.

What is the internal structure of the chip? What is the role and function of a chipset compared to a chip?

Postare su dicembre 2, 2022
What is the chip? A "chip" is a small piece of silicon containing an integrated circuit, often part of a computer or other electronic device. A chip, or microcircuit, microchip, or integrated circuit, in electronics is a way of miniaturizing a circuit (mainly a semiconductor device, but also a passive component, etc.), usually on the surface of a semiconductor wafer.

Control the output module in complete isolation from the microcontroller

Postare su novembre 30, 2022
Whether in buildings or in production workshops, programmable controllers are needed everywhere today to regulate various processes, machines and systems. This involves the PLC or DCS modules to which the equipment is connected. To control these devices, PLC and DCS modules usually have output modules with current output, voltage output or a combination of both.

Highly reliable MCU load switch circuit design process

Postare su giugno 22, 2019
Highly reliable MCU load switch circuit design process

miClockManagement Improve Performance Reliability in Data Center

Postare su novembre 7, 2018
Microsemi's miClockManagement portfolio provides ultra low-jitter devices for clock synthesis, frequency conversion, jitter attenuation, and fanout buffers to reduce clock-tree BOM and board space requirements, improve performance reliability, and simplify design.

AD Ultralow Power Boost Regulator with MPPT and Charge Management

Postare su novembre 7, 2018
The ADP5090 is an integrated boost regulator that converts dc power from PV cells or TEGs. The device charges storage elements such as rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, thin film batteries, super capacitors, and conventional capacitors, and powers up small electronic devices and battery-free systems.

Infineon ICL5101 PFC-LLC Combo Controller

Postare su novembre 7, 2018
The high level of integration of the ICL5101 assures a low number of external components, enabling small form factor designs ideal for compact power supplies in lighting applications, such as LED drivers.

Microsemi FPGA Solutions for 4D Imaging-based Therapy

Postare su novembre 7, 2018
Although there are a number of FPGA solutions on the market, only one technology—made exclusively by Microsemi—provides all the features required by makers of 4D medical imaging equipment.

AD Industrial Ultrasonic Flow Meter Solutions

Postare su novembre 7, 2018
Ultrasonic flow meters are volumetric flow meters that are used to measure the flow rate of liquids, gases, or steam. This solutions guide will focus on ultrasonic flow meters based on the time of flight principle.

Microsemi Enterprise Ethernet Switches Applications

Postare su novembre 7, 2018
Rising demand for various applications, appliances, and bandwidth in the enterprise environment propels the need for high-performance, secure, and reliable Ethernet switches. With the industry’s only service-aware architecture embedded in the Ethernet switch itself, Microsemi can help develop highly service-aware, agile, and secure enterprise Ethernet switching equipment.