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Summary of PCB design strategy for GaN drivers

Postare su marzo 13, 2023
The NCP51820 is a 650 V, high-speed, half-bridge driver capable of driving gallium nitride (" GaN ") power switches at dV/dt rates up to 200 V/ns. The full performance advantages of high voltage, high frequency and fast dV/dt edge rate switches can only be realized if the printed circuit board (PCB) can be properly designed to support this power switch. This paper will briefly introduce NCP51820 and the key points of PCB design of high performance GaN half bridge grid driver circuit using NCP51820

Keep the system as low as possible

Postare su marzo 6, 2023
In an increasingly interconnected world, we are increasingly relying on a wide range of electronic instruments and devices, as well as the semiconductors they contain. As a result, it is not surprising to see demand higher than ever for components capable of managing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RMI) in the radio spectrum.

Signal relays - Understand the basics

Postare su marzo 6, 2023
Signal relays are essentially electrically operated electromechanical switches used to control the current in a circuit. A relay uses a magnetic force generated by a control current passing through a coil near a contact to move an internal moving part or contact between the pull and open positions. In this way, small signals can be controlled by large signals. A surname.

Suitable for high precision data acquisition system of the AD converter to understand

Postare su febbraio 22, 2023
Market demand for industrial applications is increasing day by day, data acquisition system is one of the key equipment. They are usually used to detect temperature, flow, liquid level, pressure and other physical quantities, and then convert the analog signals corresponding to these physical quantities into high-resolution digital information, which can be further processed by software

By contrast, how many resistors do you know?

Postare su febbraio 17, 2023
The component properties of resistors describe the material used to make the resistors themselves, not the external packaging material or substrate on which the resistors are mounted. Different components imply some differences in structure and lead to different characteristics that make certain types more suitable for certain applications or less suitable for certain environments

How to build a MEMS-based solution for vibration detection in condition monitoring

Postare su febbraio 8, 2023
Condition monitoring is one of the core challenges of using mechanical facilities and technical systems today, such as using motors, generators and gears. Planned maintenance is becoming increasingly important to minimize the risk of production outages, not only in industry, but everywhere machines are used. In addition, the vibration mode of the machine is also analyzed.

Understand the switching characteristics of RET

Postare su febbraio 6, 2023
Bipolar junction transistors (BJTS) can be turned on or off by base current. However, because the voltage drop at both ends of the base-emitter diode is largely temperature-dependent, a series resistor is required in many applications to keep the base current at the desired level, thus ensuring that the BJT operates stably and safely. Read this article to learn how to use RET to cope with the temperature dependence of standard BJTS.

This article introduces you to transmission line theory

Postare su gennaio 7, 2023
In modern communication technology, whenever in the transmission of high-speed signals, especially in the process of radio frequency and microwave signal transmission, it is inevitable to encounter signal attenuation caused by return loss and radiation loss. How can this be improved?

Noise is not all bad: How can noise be used for testing and circuit applications

Postare su dicembre 27, 2022
Electronic engineers and technicians are accustomed to seeing noise as a negative factor and therefore optimize for low noise during component selection, circuit design, and circuit board layout. In fact, random or pseudo-random noise can sometimes be useful. This article will further explain why and how to use noise.

SIMO PMIC: Opening a window of convenience for wearable device power design

Postare su dicembre 21, 2022
We live in an age of being wrapped in electronic devices that make learning, working, exercising, traveling and communicating very convenient, and wearables in particular are becoming an integral part of People's Daily lives. In medical applications, wearables can be used to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, calories burned during exercise, sleep tracking and more. To provide a better user experience, high performance, small size and low power consumption are key metrics for these wearables